World Hepatitis Day Theme 2016 | WHD 2016


World Hepatitis Day 2016: As we have already discussed about the one of the most popular day I.e. WHD or we call it as World Hepatitis Day. World Hepatitis Day is celebrated every year to arowse awareness among the common people about this infectious disease. Hepatitis effects the most important organ of our body i.e. liver. We have discussed about the causes of hepatitis in our previous post. There are many types of Hepatitis like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A and other like A,C,D etc. So World Hepqtitis Day theme 2016 has been announced in April 2016.

World Hepatitis Day Theme 2016

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So every event, festival and world day celebrated at a large scale is based on a particular theme which is to be followed. As World Hepatitis Day is celebrated at a global scale then it too needs a theme every year. On this day camps, clinics are arranged so as to examine the common people and arowse awareness about the Hepatitis disease. They are told how to get cure from this disease and what are the precaution one should keep so as to protect themselves from Hepatitis specially Hepatitis B. This campaign is the first ever WHO Global Elimination Strategy on Viral Hepatitis. So to mark more importance to this year World Hepatitis Day Theme 2016 is set to be “Eliminiation”. This year it will the full efforts from us all to eliminate this viral disease and get full curity. To incorporate the elimination theme you will get all the material regarding the all day Hepatitis activities, the slogans, posters, logo, key messages and info graphics have been developed and you can find this on the official website of World Hepatitis Day.

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So all the people who want to be the part of World Hepatitis Day and have done registrations must participate and celebrate this Hepatitis Day 2016 in their respective countries. You will be made available all the set of essential material to support this elimination theme.
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