What is Tissue Engineering :Examples and Benefits


In recent years medical science has made lot of progress .Today we have the best medical facilities and lot of research has been done with the purpose to eradicate number of deadly disease is going on .With gradually increasingly human life expectancy, the demand for  replacement material to repair defective tissues or diseased organs is increasing rapidly. We all know that small animals such as salamanders, lizards and frogs have the ability to regenerate lost limb or tail and higher animals can’t do this.

Tissue Engineering

tissue -engineering-concepts in higher animals like us .It is a great step towards increasing surviving of human after accidents or when certain parts of the body get damaged due to chronic disease .

In common language , Tissue Engineering is the study of the growth of new connective tissues  or organs, from cells and a collagenous scaffold in order  to produce a fully functional organ so as to implant it back into the donor host.

It is the use of a combination of cells , engineering and materials methods to improve or replace biological tissues. In this technique we make use of  a scaffold to form new viable tissue for a medical purpose.

One of the commonly applied definition for  tissue engineering is given by  Langer and Vacant , they stated that Tissue Engineering is an interdisciplinary field that applies the principles of engineering and life sciences toward the development of biological substitutes that restore, maintain, or improve [Biological tissue] function or a whole organ.

Tissue Engineering Examples

It is one of the emerging research field and has a very wide scope. We are here with some of the common example where tissue engineering is used .Let us have a look at the list of tissue engineering examples .

  • Bio artificial windpipe
  • Bio artificial Liver Device : A produced hepatic assist device that make use of living hepatocytes .
  • In vitro meat: It is an edible artificial animal muscle tissue .
  • Artificial pancreas:
  • Artificialbladders: This long term experiment of implanting artificially grown bladders has been done by  Anthony Atala , professor and director of Wake Forest University .
  • Cartilage: Artificially grown tissue in the lab has been used to used to repair knee cartilage
  • Tissue-engineered airway
  • Tissue-engineered vessels
  • Artificial Skin : In this human skin cells are embedded in a
  • Artificial bone marrow
  • Oral mucosa tissue engineering

Examples of Tissue Engineering

  • One of the benefit of this technique is that it will allow organs to be grown from implantation (rather than transplantation)  .
  • For Cartilage Repair:Tissue Engineering can prove boon for Cartilage repairs .Thousands of cases of traumatic injury to articular cartilage occur every year and we know that adult cartilage does not normally regenerate after injury. With the help of this Engineering it could be made possible .
  • Repairing of Bones Repair:According to one estimation every year about 800,000 patients in U.S. alone are hospitalized with severe bone fractures considerable portion of these fractures do not heal properly therefore requiring bone grafts .With Tissue engineering we can overcome all these problems .