10 Practical applications of Thermal Expansion | Example in everyday life


Thermal Expansion: Every concept is having the definition, concept, making and the application of that concept. Today every concept is implemented and yes it results in various useful applications. Today we will be discussing something about Physics of Thermodynamic, we will discuss 10 Practical applications of Thermal Expansion. Also here we will have a look over to the some of the thermal expansion example in everyday life. In this particular post, we will also know the definition of Thermal Expansion.

Definition of Thermal Expansion

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The tendency of a matter or item to change its shape, area and volume with respect to the change in temperature due to the transfer of heat. Due to the transfer of heat in substance, the kinetic energy of the molecules in substance increases (Temperature is a monotonic function). There are many Practical applications of Thermal Expansion most of which are the example in everyday life.

Thermal Expansion for Solid

Here we are going to discuss some of the basic formula used to calculate the thermal expansion in solids .This basic formula shows how the expansion is related to temperature and how it affects the are and volume of a solid material .

For Solids Expansion is directly proportional to change in temperature

Δℓ = αℓ0ΔT

So as the temperature changes the area also changes. In Solids, it increases two times then it was initially.

ΔA = 2αA0ΔT

Volume of substance also expands three times

ΔV = 3αV0ΔT

So you can find many Practical applications of Thermal Expansion in solids which follow these set of equations.

Thermal Expansion in Liquids

As for liquid substance, there is the only volume which came into existence.

ΔV = βV0ΔT

Expansion in Liquids is much more then Solids.

β ~ 10−3/K, 3α ~ 10−5/K

Thermal Expansion in Gases

Gasses behave much different than other like solid and liquids. Expansion in Gases is proportional to the pressure. According to the gas law we have:
PV = nRT 

PV = NkT

Practical applications of Thermal Expansion

Thermal Expansion is used in a number of practical applications and here is the list of how thermal expansion affects its surrounding .

Parts Fitting:

Thermal Expansion has a great application in fitting two solid materials I.e. welding. In this, a solid material is melted by giving a high temperature. This melted material is put in between two Solids to be fitted.

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Riveting is generally used in the shipbuilding and construction. It is used in riveting the grinders and steel plates. In a riveting, the rivets are heated due to which the rivets gets soften. Now this softens material can be buried by pneumatic hammers into the head. when after this contraction occurs due to the cooling the soften plates get pulled together tightly.

Practical applications of Thermal Expansion

Watches and Thermostats:

Thermal Expansion has its application in watches and Thermostats also. An alloy of steel and nickel is used to show some exceptional behavior. This alloy is called invar which has small expansion even at high temperature

Engine Coolant:

Thermal Expansion has also one of the useful advantages for the liquid. It has application as car’s radiator. If the radiator consisting violent is topped off with the coolant on winter day then an expansion is noticed till it overflows. Sometimes back it used to create a problem for the car owners as during cold days excess amount of coolant was found to release on ground. So a continuous refilling was needed.

Volume Gas Thermometers:

As liquids and solids do not have too much expansion coefficients, but gasses somehow follow more or less same expansion due to change in temperature. Due to this type of behavior of gasses, a constant gas thermometer is developed, a highly reliable instrument against which other thermometers—including those containing mercury are often gauged.

Practical applications of Thermal Expansion

The gap in Rail tracks:

To overcome the expansion caused in summer a small gap is kept in between railway tracks.
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Due to the thermal expansion, cracking of glass takes place. Internal layer starts expanding as soon as the hot water is poured into the glass. Due to the glass being an insulator to heat, outer layer remains as such and due to this cracking of glass takes place.

Practical applications of Thermal Expansion

So this was all about the 10 Practical applications of Thermal Expansion | Example in everyday life. We will discuss more Thermodynamics in our next session. If you have any further information then you can share us by commenting in the comment box below. Stay tuned to us at EducationTimes.