What does your urine color depicts about health issues?


Urine Color: Each and every change in body depicts the changing health. It may leads to good or some bad health issues. Change may be in body temperature, saliva color, skin color, eyes color and yes urine color. Everyone should notice his/her urine color before flushing, because it depicts your health issues. Different color of urine tell you how much your body is hydrated and how much you need water in your body.

  • Clear Urine
  • Darker Yellow Urine
  • Neon Yellow Urine
  • Orange Urine
  • Blue Urine
  • Red Urine
  • Green Urine

No color/transparent Urine Color

Clear Urine

A person is diabetic if he/she is having clear urine for a long period of time. It shows the sign of diabetes insipidus. When the color of urine is clear that means the person is excreting more water out of the body and it shows the sign of thirst and may disturb your sleep. Transparent urine tells that you are drinking excess of water, so you need to cut some of it.

Pale Darker Yellow Urine

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Darkish Yellow Urine

Neon Yellow Urine.

Orange Urine

Orange Urine.

Now this can be the reason to get worry about your health. Orange color urine is mainly caused due to too much dehydration. It can also be due to too much salty food and a tumour leading to jaundice.

Red Urine

Red Urine.
Red Urine looks unfamiliar with the body. It is caused due to cancers and internal bleeding in the body. So just rush away to the doctor.

Green Urine

Green Urine.

Bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and the medicines used to cure from Parkinson’s disease may cause green color urine.

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