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Hello friends , today we are going to discuss about the basics related to Arithmetic coding . Here we will first make you aware what actually Binary Arithmetic Coding is and how to solve arithmetic coding example .In the video we posted , these are simple steps to solve arithmetic coding . Let us start with an easy and simplest way of solving arithmetic coding problems .

Binary Arithmetic Coding: There are many coding techniques used for encoding among which Arithmetic coding is one of the form of entropy encoding. This technique is used in lossless data compression. Every string or word is always represented by using a fixed number of bits per character like in ASCII Code. We have also discussed about the simple tips to solve Shanon Fano coding examples in the post below.

Arithmetic Coding is used to encode the data streams with fewer number of bits. In Binary Arithmetic Coding the characters which are repeated will be stored with a fewer number of bits while the bits which are not frequent are stored in more bits. Hence the total no of bits used are lesser always. Arithmetic coding differs from other encoding techniques. In Arithmetic Coding technique like Huffman, each input is separated into single component symbol and changing each with code [0.0 ≤ n < 1.0).

Steps to solve Binary Arithmetic Coding example?

Arithmetic coding is slightly more efficient then the Hoffman Coding. It has practical implementation like absolute frequencies, as the high and low interval values tends to be small.

Arithmetic coding is a form of entropy encoding used in lossless data compression. Normally, a string of characters such as the words “hello there” is represented using a fixed number of bits per character, as in the ASCII code.

We have solved an Arithmetic Coding example with some easy steps.

Easy way to solve Binary Arithmetic Coding Problem


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