How Onions are good for Health & Fitness


Advantage of Onions: Today lets talk about some eatables which can make you healthier and fit. As we all know to be a healthy person we need to have more vitamin, more protein which we get from many nutritional elements. Some vegetables and fruits also help in increasing the vitamin in our body. These vitamin in result make our immune system strong and make it able to fight various diseases. So today we will discussĀ How Onions are good for Health & Fitness?

Onions are good for Health & Fitness

Onions, health & fitness, onions are good for health

Onions which we all know can bring tears to our eyes during cutting. This proves we have a great relation with the Onions that on cutting it tears came out šŸ˜€ . But apart from bringing tears Onions are one of those which make you became healthier and much more benefits like adding taste to food i.e. Onions are good for Health. Coming to the introduction of Onions:

Onions belong to the Allium FamilyĀ of herbs and vegetables. Allium Family also includes garlic, chives, leeks and garlic.Ā Vegetables from Allium family are being cultivated from past history because of its pungent flavor and medicinal properties. Onions are of various sizes, color and flavor. Color commonly are red, white and yellow. About 105 billion pound of onions are being harvested every year.

Onions, health & fitness, onions are good for health

There are many benefits of Onions which we will discuss below and will be proving why and how Onions are good for Health & Fitness:

  • Onions helps in regulating blood sugar because of its chromium elements. It also helps in healing infection and treat inflammation.
  • So do you remember the onions which are sliced and mostly you take it with food? This raw onions are very good for healthy heart.
  • If you are bitten by a honey bee then Onions are the remedy to it. Just apply it and get relief from burning sensation and pain.
  • Onions helps in improving immunity due to Vitamin C and phytochemicals present in it.
  • Yes it also prevent from cancer as quercetin (a powerful compound) is very useful.
  • People consuming more onions have low risk to prostate cancer.
  • Onions also help in preventing depression as Folate present in Onion prevent formation of homocysteine in excess.

Coming to the nutritional part of Onions, Onion are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants while it has low calories.

So this was all about How Onions are good for Health & Fitness. We will discuss more about 5 best women exercise workouts for fit girlsĀ in our next session. If you have any further information then you can share us by commenting in the comment box below. Stay tuned to us atĀ EducationTimes.