Mars One Mission One Way Trip to Mars by 2024


Mars One Mission: Mars one is a Netherlands-based organization. It has proposed to establish a permanent human settlement on the planet mars by 2025. This idea of private spaceflight project was proposed in 2012. It was proposed by Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp and has been in planning stages since. A subset of would-be astronauts has been selected from a pool of thousands of interested candidates. It is planned that the crew to be selected would become the first permanent residents of Mars. There will be no plan of them returning back to Earth. A reality show is also lined up to document the entire process of mars colonization.

Mars One Mission One Way Trip to Mars by 2024

Mars One Mission Initial Plan Layout

According to the initial Mars One Mission plan proposed in 2012, the first communication satellite and the supply mission will be sent to mars in 2016. In 2018, a planetary rover will be sent to mars. It will probe the surface of mars to find the best place for human settlement.mars one, mars one mission, mars one project, journey to mars, mars 2024

In 2020, living units, life supportunits, rover and more supplies will be sent to prepare for the human settlement ahead of arrival.

The rover will extract inflatable section from the living unit and will prepare the outpost for human habitat.

The first crew to inhabit mars will depart from the earth in sept 2022 and the settlement will be fully operational and habitable by then. They would be flying to mars in a transit habitat with lander attached and will reach by April 2023 i.e. seven months. This date has been delayed to 2027 now because of lack of progress.

Current Developments

mars one, mars one mission, mars one project, journey to mars, mars 2024

When the mars one first released its advertisement for interested applicants, it attracted more than 200 thousand candidates. These people were filtered and 660 of them were called for the online interview process. Out of these, 100 applicants were selected of which 50 are men and 50 are women. These will be given intensive training so that they are adequately adept for living in mars for their remaining years. The people would be divided into groups of 4 based on their personality traits and chemistry so that they are able to live in harmony with each other.

If any one of them is unable to complete the training, then the other three would be allotted a new team member and they will have to start the training fresh. The entire procedure from application to training is supposed to be televised. So that the world knows how the people who are willing to give up their life on earth for hopes of living in mars are faring in their preparation of being sent off to mars. The organization intends to send groups of 4 or more people to mars every couple of years so that the population on mars increases over a period of time.

Mars One Mission Cost

The cost of about 6 billion dollars estimated will be borne by Mars One organization for sending and maintaining the life of the first 4 people in this Mars One Mission Plan till they die, the sponsors and the astronaut themselves.mars one, mars one mission, mars one project, journey to mars, mars 2024

Mars one intends to get its funding mainly by sponsorships and media coverage. They want to create the biggest “media spectacle” of the decade and use the publicity to generate money. Initially,there were talks with the makers of the big brother reality show but it didn’t get through. Both the parties were unable to reach an agreement on the details of the contract.

Mars One Mission Challenges

Since its announcement, Mars one is barraged with questions pointing at its dubious nature. It has been as being dubbed as being a scam by critics and has been called as “an ambitious plan to swindle mars enthusiast’s money”. The organization has almost no contracts with aerospace components suppliers who are building technology for future deep space missions. Mars one also has no TV production partner as of now. It has no publicly known investment partnerships with major brands. Any of the shortlisted candidates are yet to meet anyone from the organization in person. The entire selection process will be held online and the training has not been yet started.mars one, mars one mission, mars one project, journey to mars, mars 2024

Mars one also hasn’t been able to build the training center to train the people to live on mars. From a rejected applicant -“ The candidates moving forward to the next rounds are given arbitrary points. A candidate can score more points by buying mars one merchandise from their online store. It is quite possible that the one moving forward to the next round have generated more money for the mission than others”.  It has to be verified that whether these are all rumors or true.

What Scientist Believes?

The scientists at NASA still insist that a successful mars mission is at least a decade away. Only time will tell what actually the people behind Mars one intent to do. Whether they would actually be the first organization to establish a human settlement on mars.

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