Internet of Things Examples IOT Applications


Internet of Things | IOT: As the demand for the technology is increasing day by day. With that, the number of devices is also increasing at a higher rate. IOT or Internet of Things simply is an internetworking of the devices, building, vehicles and items which are used for mechanical & electronics purposes such as embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity. All these enables the object to collect and exchange data.

Definition of IoT | Internet of Things

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Internet of Things is the new concept coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999. He was a British entrepreneur and discovered this term while working at Auto-ID Labs. IoT makes the objects to be sensed and can be controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure. So this makes the physical world to be integrated into the computer-based systems. This will improve the efficiency, economic benefit, and accuracy.

Today, many countries are working on IOT technologies to design efficient and advanced Internet of Things devices. These IOT Devices will bring revolution to the entire next generations.

You can learn more for IOT from the Internet of Things on Wikipedia or you can go over to CISCO IOT.

Science has advanced the world in various fields such as mechanical, electrical, electronics along with mechatronics and had made many things easier for the human. IOT i.e Internet of Things has also many advantages and advancement made for us. Here below are some of the Internet of Things Applications which you must know.

IOT Applications | Internet of Things

There are many IOT application based on different fields such as:

  • Smart home
  • Wearable
  • Smart Grid
  • Connected Car
  • Smart City
  • Industrial Internet

Smart home:The most trending Application for IOT nowadays is Smart Homes. There are more about 256 companies and startups which are currently going to handle Smart Homes. Also, most of the industries are highly working on smartphones rather than any other else. There is about 2.5 billion funding on these projects which just include Smart Homes. Smart Homes as the name suggests includes something smarter than the current homes. Homes which will have all the information regarding the owner and will operate as his/her needs before he does something.

Wearables: You have surely come across the Apple’s new smart watches. Apple has launched in April 2015. Along with the Smart homes, wearables are also the hot and trending topic. This project also comes under the category of most funded ones.

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Smart City: If we came out of a Smart Home then  it is the cities which can be Smart. This smart City will enhance the efficiency of the management systems. It can solve all the problems starting from the traffic management, urban security, water management to waste management. Smart city promises to provide better security and safety.

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Connected Car: The Connected car is the very crazy concept in which the car speaks to each other. Each car will have the information regarding the neighbor car and will also speak about the traffic jam condition to the another car. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple have announced connected car platforms.

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  • Grids (Smart grids)
  • Connected Health (Digital health/Telehealth/Telemedicine)
  • Smart retail

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  • Smart supply chain
  • Industrial internet
  • Smart farming

Many Internet of Things Companies ae working on IOT project in various part of the world. Among such IOT Companies, Ericsson has made one step forward to these project.

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