Hyperloop Technology Step by Step Guide Elon Musk


What if I could say that you can travel  from one corner of the country to another in just a matter of hours ? You will probably laugh if it off. But just for a second , think of this being actually probable. Yes, this idea has been thought of and is currently blueprints are being developed to make this dream actually practicable using minimum costs.

So today we will discuss Hyperloop Technology 

Elon Musk, billionaire industrialist is the first person to actually think of this as being possible. It is  called Hyperloop. Musk-who owns multi-billion dollar companies like SpaceX and tesla motors-might just think of this as another feather in his cap but for humanity, this could be one of the most metamorphic revolutions in the transportation industry.

hyperloop technology, hyperloop concept, hyperloop train, hyperloop Elon Musk, hyperloop competitionMusk has made this idea open for improvisation by anyone interested. So,this HYPERLOOP technology isn’t exactly an Elon musk proprietary  but a generic idea that is viable for open-source modification. Competitions are being organized so that people can explain their proposed designs. Students from MIT have formed a dedicated team and are working to create their own model pod.

Hyperloop Technology

hyperloop technology, hyperloop concept, hyperloop train, hyperloop Elon Musk, hyperloop competition

Anything moving against a surface  experiences friction. So, we have to reduce the friction in order to increase the speed.

In the technology of Hyperloop, traditional wheels will be replaced by air bearings for pods instead.

Hyperloop will be built in tunnels that  are  vacuumed  out to lower the air pressure. So  less resistance against the pod moving through the tunnel, therefore it can be much more energy efficient, something that’s of high priority in any transit system.

The  Concept of hyperloop is based on many theories and also it is open source i.e. anyone can give his/her ideas to improve it. Air Pumps can be used to lower the air pressure. But low pressure doesn’t mean the tunnel would a completely hollowed out vacuum having near space like conditions-  there will be still some air in the tunnels.

Electromagnetic levitation which employs the use of magnetic fields to suspend objects in the air will also play a major role. Maglev trains in Japan – which  runs on the speed of 500km/h makes use of  electromagnetic levitation – means there is no friction like a traditional train that runs on tracks.

The air bearing and passive maglev ideas are designed not only to levitate the pod but also to make the  pod move through the air, rather than just pushing the air in front of it and dragging it along behind. The suspension cushions will make the air pumped from the front of the pod to the rear.

The metal tubes are currently being pictured as an elevated overground system. Musk has even suggested using solar panels running on the top of the tunnels so as to generate electricity to power the system. It could also run as an underground system too.

What Hyperloop speeds are proposed? (Hype Speed)

hyperloop technology, hyperloop concept, hyperloop train, hyperloop Elon Musk, hyperloop competition

Hyperloop  is being proposed as a succession to short-distance air travel. Here in this concept, the system will be much faster than the existing rail networks and much cheaper than flight. The main concern of Hyperloop isn’t about going as fast as possible because various considerations such as high gravitational forces come to play  when it comes to turns, which isn’t ideal for passenger travel.

Hyperloop is envisioned with minimum a speed of over 1127 km/h for long distance travel. But there are practical ramifications that have to be considered on a short stop-start journey. For example, the speeding up and deceleration vibe that passengers would have to go through.

When will the Hyperloop Technology arrive?

As of now, Elon Musk has only affirmed that the Hyperloop will be made.

The planning documents have described the construction cost around $6 billion. This cost for 570 km long journey prospective route between LA and San Francisco. This estimation has been done only for a passenger-only model. While one that can transport vehicles along with goods too would cost around $7.5 billion. This extra expenditure would  be worth it since more people could use the system, leading to potentially larger returns.

A 1-mile track is under construction by SpaceX adjacent to Hawthorne, its California headquarters. So as to improvise this model a competition is being planned for the students. Interested organizations can demonstrate with their various pod designs in early 2017. As many as 22 teams from various colleges and organizations are preparing their models to test run on this track. Musk is even thinking of having pod races.

The size of hyperloop pods is expected to be smaller than  normal sized planes & trains. These are designed to depart as often as every 10 seconds.

It is expected that the Hyperloop will be operational somewhere along 2020.

How much will Hyperloop Technology cost?

Now the much-revered question how much would it cost to travel in hyperloop? Will it be affordable for a middle-class man?

hyperloop technology, hyperloop concept, hyperloop train, hyperloop Elon Musk, hyperloop competition

Well,the answer seems decided-YES! Rejoice,people. According to the  CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies-Mr. Dirk Ahlbornestimated cost of a ticket around $30 mark to get a person  from Los Angeles to San Francisco. That ,according to his calculations, would allow the company to overcome its capital expenditure in eight years. So wait for the final price of tickets to be decided.

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