How to solve problem on ages in quant paper


Problem on Age in quant: Every person may be of any age faces the problems of solving the ages. You may get people who explain the age in a very indirect way. So it may became puzzling to you to solve that problem. We will discuss a trick by which you can solve all these ages problem. It will be more helpful to you when you sits inside the room for any exam.

So let’s us look to the basic concept for solving:

Problem on ages in quant paper

Solving the problem on ages are the common questions which any person faces in day to day exam. These questions are mostly asked in bank job exams and placements exam.

Problem on ages in quant paper are of three types:

  • Present
  • Year ago
  • Hence year

Let us discuss about the concept to solve problem on ages before getting into solving the problems.

  • When present age is x years

‘n’ years ago: Age of ‘A’ was (x-n) years.

‘n’ years after: Age of ‘A’ will be (x+n) years.

  • Firstly we have to assume the present age of the person, let us assume it as x
  • Assume the age of other person as y years
  • When the present age of A is x years and B is y years then

‘n’ years ago: Age of ‘A’ and ‘B’ were (x-n) and (y-n) years respectively.

‘n’ years after: Age of ‘A’ and ‘B’ will be (x+n) and (y+n) years respectively.

  • The age difference between you and your friend is let’s suppose 6 years. And after 10 or 15 years this will be same, because clock will run equally for both.

Problem on ages in quant paper

problem on ages

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