How to solve Objective Type Questions? Multiple Choice


Multiple Choice Question: The number of students appearing for competitive exam are increasing every year. With the increasing candidature competition is also increasing in every field of Schools, Colleges and jobs. For every competitive exam there is a dedicated pattern of questions which the candidates have to solve. There are various patterns like exams having aptitude questions, multiple choice questions mainly objective type questions and also some are having theoretical questions. So here we will discuss about How to solve Objective Type Questions and Multiple Choice Question?

How to solve Objective Type Questions?

To compete in any exam you should be prepare with the strategies and the logic to solve any question you face in the exam. You should have two key components in your preparation i.e. hard work and smart work. You will get the strategies to solve Objective Type Questions and how to tackle multiple choice questions.

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William Poundstone had done studies by solving a set of 100 questions and he founded these below facts.

  • All the multiple choice questions with three options, most of them have all the options correct.
  • Questions with four options, Option B was found to be mostly correct option.
  • Every question with five options “E” option was most likely to be the correct one (23% against expected likelihood of 20%).

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So here are some tips to follow to solve Objective type questions and multiple choice questions:

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  • Prepare your mind before you start solving for the test. Practice as many questions as you can before test so as to accelerate your mind. This will also help you in maintaining uniform speed during the whole test.
  • Now when you are in examination center, always read the questions very carefully. After reading and understanding the question, go for solving the answers.

Note: Always keep in mind that solve the questions with more than one answers carefully. A special attention is to be paid to these type of questions.

  • If you gain some confidence to solve every question, prevent it to be converted in over confidence and do not solve question in one go.
  • When you feel you get tired and are not able to focus then have a 30 seconds or 1 minute break if possible.
  • As we said that smart work is the key point to solve any question. Learn and practice as many shortcuts as you can so that you can save time and will lessen your efforts.
  • Have you seen KBC, always try to eliminate the wrong answers first i.e. follow the method of elimination.
  • It is very much profitable when you intelligently guess some answers just by applying theoretical concepts.
  • If there is negative marking in exam then always prevent to attempt those questions for which you are not confident. For those with no negative marking, always try to avoid attempting wrong answers and avoid increasing the frequency of wrong answers.
  • Plan your time to solve particular type of questions.
  • Always think twice before answering the questions, specially multiple choice questions.

So this was all about How to solve Objective Type Questions? Multiple Choice. We will discuss more about Thermodynamics in our next session. If you have any further information then you can share us by commenting in the comment box below. Stay tuned to us at EducationTimes.