How to prepare for placements as fresher in college


Prepare for placements as fresher in college: So it’s every 22-23 age person dream to get placed in one of the dream company. Students starts their journey from the first year to get a desired goal in life. The goal may be a placement, a startup or higher studies. In every case it needs a good timely management. Today we will discuss about how to prepare for placements as fresher in college.

Steps to prepare for placements as fresher in college:

Getting ready for the placement is a very hectic thing for a college student. He/She might get sometimes frustrated from the procedure of placements. Students are not able to know about the material they should follow during the placements. Many good companies do visit your campus and you are not able to crack the placement test, which makes a person demotivated a lot. So here we will tell you about some of the best practise material which can make your preparation easy and successful.

Pre plan the sector you want the job

One must have an idea about the different sectors of the job and he or she must make sure to opt one of them. This will make easy for himself to follow one way learning. There are many sectors some are like IT, Electronics, Telecom, Business Analyst, Finance, Consultancy etc. So finalize a sector which you want to join with a company.

Make a list of all good companies in that sector

Now after finalising the sector, surf for a list of companies or organisation in that sector. Make sure that you have your dream company among that list.

Follow the good material

So you have finalised the way where you want to go.

If you have opted for Electronics and Telecom then you just need to have good knowledge about your subjects in btech degree. Most commonly Digital Electronics, Basic Electronics, CSS, ACS, ITC are the main subjects for which you should have a good Knowledge.

Prepare for placements

For those who wanted IT sector, they should be more focused on coding skills like C, C++, Java, Data Structure and Operating System. For coding knowledge there are many books like Karamunchi for Data Structure but you can be perfect with practise. So either join code chef or hacker earth for daily practice. Make it a habbit to daily solve one problem from any of one website.

And the most common for all the sectors is Aptitude which includes quants, logical reasoning, verbal and ata analyzing. These are the key topics to follow during the preparation. For Aptitude you can follow Dr. RS Aggrawal or Arun Sharma. These are the best books one should follow.

Dr. RS Aggrawal

We will also discuss the tips to follow to crack the interview in our next post.

So this was all about How to prepare for placements as fresher in college?. If you have any further information then you can share us by commenting in the comment box below. Stay tuned to us at EducationTimes.