How to prepare for GRE? Best GRE prep book


How to prepare for GRE: GRE i.e. Graduate Records Examination as discussed earlier is a General Test conducted by ETS. ETS is an Educational Testing Services which conducts the examination for about 3 hours 45 minutes including 1 minute break after each section and there is a 10 minute break after third section. Validity of marks scored in this exam is for 5 years. For more details regarding GRE Exam date and eligibility criteria you can read the previous post.

To prepare for GRE there are some basic principles for which you have to put some efforts. GRE is a type of exam for which a lot of students prepare from 1-2 years and refers many of the good books. To prepare for the GRE Exam you have to plan something which you have to cast of your own. So for this you have to be different from others.

Prepare for GRE

  • Always start by making a schedule of daily timetable which you can really follow. Now this time table is very important because it can make your habit for following it daily. Practically just saying that I will spend 1-2 hours on this, you are not going to follow in reality.
  • Always follow the official materials to prepare for GRE Exam. These material should have practice problems and tests. With these materials start preparing by practical problems and as the date of test start approaching start solving the practice test regularly.
  • Also refer to the two official GRE practice test which you can download free. You can give these test as many times as you want.
  • You should give this test once a week and make it regular for about six weeks.

Note: Always give these test in the environment as you find it inside the exam hall. There should be no distraction, no sounds etc. which can disturb you

  • Always discuss the questions you get wrong in the test with any of your friend or your teacher.
  • You must keep  on practicing different test, so as to reduce the frequency of the wrong answers.
  • As this is GRE so you must be good at vocabulary. You mustpractice Antonyms, Synonyms, passage reading and questions.

Some Material and resources are:

Free GRE practice test, GRE 2016, GRE exam, GRE sample test

  • ETS Official GRE Guide (including the CD)
  • Barron’s Guide to GRE
  • Kaplan Practice Tests
  • The Princeton Review Guide to GRE
  • Magoosh Online GRE Prep
  • The Ubiquitous 400
  • SparkNotes: GRE

Among these we will say you to must follow 1st and 6th, these are much important.

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