How can HIV be Cured? Cure for AIDS


Cure for AIDS: Today there is a treatment for every disease until or unless taken at a right time and in right manner. Same is for HIV AIDS, a disease which weakens the immune system and make body weak to fight the infections. For more details regarding HIV AIDS: HIV Symptoms and HIV Causes you can read this article. So here we will discuss and figure out the steps which must be taken to prevent this disease and will learn that How can HIV be Cured?. There are some medicines which can fight with the HIV viruses and can stop them before increasing. But the growth of this HIV virus can be controlled by taking these preventive measures.

As though there is no cure for AIDS but the person can prevent him from this virus. This can be done by getting aware about HIV, that how it attacks like Semen, Blood, Breast Milk and Vaginal Secretion.

You must follow these guidelines to help you prevent AIDS:

  • Always use a new condom whenever you have sex. This may include Anal or Vaginal Sex. Both partner can use their respective condoms.

Note: Always use water based lubricants rather than Oil based lubricants. Oil based lubricants weaken condoms and may cause them to break.

  • Drug Truvada can reduce the risk of HIV infection i/e. sexually transmitted disease. This combination is also used to cure HIV along with other medicines.

Note: During infection your physician will test for Hepatitis B infection and if a person have Hepatitis B then doctor will test your kidney functioning before prescribing Truvada.

  • Before having sex, tell your partner about your HIV status so as to prevent this infection to be transmitted.
  • Always use a clean needle to inject any drug. Needle should be sterile and is not used before and after use.
  • During pregnancy if you are HIV positive then take medical treatment immediately by treatment.

Can HIV be cured?

Yes HIV can be cured before reaching it to the AIDS stage. There is a ART therapy which is done to treat HIV positive patient. ART or Antiretroviral Therapy is done by the medicine to treat infection caused by HIV. In ART person have to take combination of medicines i.e. HIV regimen every day. These medicine can’t cure HIV positive person but yes it makes the person live longer and healthy. ART also reduces the risk of transmission of HIV from one person to another.

ART medicine reduces the multiplication of HIV virus inside the body due to which immune system remains healthy. HIV Virus attacks the CD4 cells of the immune system which fights the infection.

There are also some side effects of this treatment. We have listed these side effect in the below image.

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