What is Hepatitis B? Hepatitis B Symptoms, Causes, Treatment


Hepatitis as we know is the infectious disease which causes injuries to the Liver. There are many types of Hepatitis Disease like A,B,C,D,E. Among these Hepatitis B is the most common. Let us gather information regarding Hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B Causes

Hepatitis B is one of the types which is caused due to HBV i.e. Hepatitis B Virus which causes infection to the liver. The infection caused can be both acute and chronic. Hepatitis B can be caused either by transmission or the Virology.

Transmission of Hepatitis B includes when the person is exposed to the infectious blood or body fluids containing blood. Compared to HIV, Hepatitis B is 50 to 100 times more infectious. Many ways by which this transmission can take place are:

  • Sexual contact
  • Blood products like unclean needles or unscreened blood
  • Mother to baby by pregnancy, labor, or nursing
  • By having unprotected vaginal, anal, or oral sex
  • Blood transfusions
  • Transfusion with other human blood products
  • Re-use of contaminated needles and syringes

Mother who is positive with HBsAg and HBeAg have the risk of 20% and 90% respectively. This can also be caused to the family members. Coming to the numbers 19-60 years of age people are affected due to this infection.

Hepatitis B is also caused by the virus Orthohepadnavirus which is also the part of Hepadnaviridae family of viruses This virus results in virology of hepatitis B (HBV).

Hepatitis B Symptoms

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A person been infected may feel the symptoms and sometimes not. Symptoms can include:

  • Eyes coming yellow
  • Dark Urine
  • Abdominal Pain

Sometime when a person doesn’t face any symptoms especially children can face Pain in abdomen, fatigue in whole body, feeling tired, malaise, Gastrointestinal, itching, swelling, yellow skin and eyes.

When prevention are not taken then it can occur chronic case like liver failure and cancer.

Hepatitis B Treatment

A person affected by hepatitis B virus should be vaccinated immediately within 12 hours of coming in contact to the infectious virus. He/She must receive an injection of hepatitis B immune globulin. For preventing this disease 28th July is celebrated as the World Hepatitis Day. On this day camps and clinics are organised so as to give vaccine and awareness among the people.

Acute Hepatitis Infection

If a person is determined to be with acute Hepatitis infection then he/she may not need any treatment because it is short lived infection. A doctor may prescribe you the rest, adequate nutrition, protein, green vegetables and fluids which fights and make immune system strong to fight with infection.

Chronic Hepatitis Infection

A person if noticed chronic infected then there may be a serious issue. A quick treatment must be taken by consulting the doctor. It can be cured by:

Taking antiviral medication like lamivudine (Epivir), adefovir (Hepsera), telbivudine (Tyzeka) and entecavir (Baraclude) which fights with the infection and prevents liver damage.

If you don’t want a long term treatment then synthetic version of Interferon alfa-2b (Intron A) is taken by injection. This is also taken by women who wants to get pregnant in few years. There may be side effects of this injection like depression, difficulty breathing and chest tightness.

In worst case if the liver is severely damaged then there is an option to do liver transplant. In this transplant, the infectious liver is changed is replaced by healthy liver. These transplanted liver mainly comes from:

  • Deceased donors
  • Living Donors who donate a portion of their livers, these are few in number

The initial stage are not as much dangerous but as the curity is not taken it get worsened.
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