DronEPIC introducing Agriculture Smart Drone in India soon


DronEPIC Aerospace & Aviation: With each and every era, there are a smart people attached. People who made that particular period easy for the common man. Easy, by introducing various smart technologies. People like Nikol Tesla, Einstein and much more give their theories and introduces some brilliant concept. The valuable concepts, which define all new concepts and theories of today’s, day to day life technologies. So, the most trending technology emerging now a days are the Drones. Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, which can do the various task in different fields.

Who is team DronEPIC?

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Team DronEPIC, is the group of people from the same college and different branch. Sounds nice!! yes, MechaTronics, who have the capability of doing every task. They can compete in tasks with more dedication as before. Let us know what this team DronEPIC does?

Team DronEPIC Aviation & Aerospace currently is targeting the most crucial area “Agriculture”. Now how are they targeting it?

The answer is by manufacturing Smart Drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). Smart drone terms mean a Drone which can execute its task on its own just by giving a simple command to it.

Team DronEPIC consists of many resources Dedication, Craziness, and a Team.

It started with a team of 6 people from NIT Jalandhar from Mechanical and Electronics Branch. Now it has some more new talented and enthusiastic members.

dronepic, drones in india, smart drone, agriculture drone

The team is as follows:

  • Ankit Verma
  • Suman Kumar
  • Divya Garg
  • Sandeep Kaur
  • Somesh Kumar
  • Anish Kumar
  • Aviral Mishra
  • Vinay Sharma
  • Pawan Soobhri

No matter from which year they are, they are clear with what they have to do. You can know more about their work from their official website DronEPIC Aviation & Aerospace.

Agriculture Smart Drone

dronepic, drones in india, smart drone, agriculture drone

Farmers today feels risky when growing crops and fertilizing it. Many institutes and universities are monitoring crops by very old techniques, which doesn’t give the exact details and reports regarding the farms and crops. So this team came up with a great idea of giving the utility to the scientists and researchers to monitor the crops and land by the way better than before.

dronepic, drones in india, smart drone, agriculture drone

Drones have many utilities in various industrial and commercial fields.

Drones in India and whole world are becoming very much popular these days in many fields like:

  • Agriculture
  • Defence
  • Disaster
  • Railways
  • Commercial and many more.

DronEPIC Aviation & Aerospace is making the reliable drone for the agriculture purpose. A drone which a non-professional man can fly according to its utility. Isn’t this another Smart Technology to Redefine the Future?

So this was all about DronEPIC introducing Agriculture Smart Drone in India soon. You can have more information regarding Drones and its features from “Aerial Photography photos of drone | UAV pictures“.If you have any further information then you can share us by commenting in the comment box below. Stay tuned to us at EducationTimes.