Concept of Normal Shift and Apparent Shift in Ray optics


Normal Shift Concept and Apparent Shift Concept: Normal shift and apparent shift deals with ray optics. We often come across these terms when we deal with the refraction of light. So what is Reflection? What is Refraction? We will study all about these basic concepts in today’s post.

Refraction is basically the bending of a light ray when it enters from on medium to another. A number of characteristics change such as speed of light and wavelength. When a wave passes from a fast medium to a slow medium, it bends toward the normal to the boundary between the two media.Today we going to discuss the causes and result of normal shift and apparent shift.

Normal Shift and Apparent shift

What is Normal Shift (NS)? The apparent shift of the object along normal during the refraction is called Normal Shift.

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We normally observe that when object and observer are in two different media, image of an object appears to be shifted from its original position. It is called normal shift.

In this case, we have assumed that both object and observer are in different media. When we are seeing the object normally, the image appears different from the position of the object.

There are two cases related to refraction when the object and observer are in two different media.One is When the observer is in denser medium and object is in rarer medium. Second is when the object is in denser and observer in the rare medium.

Now the question arises is normal shift a constant?

The concept of Normal shift is a defined by 2 rays taken into account. So in reality, we do not consider point-sized objects, there are objects of finite size with many rays from it. But that does not apply to this as this concept is based normal shift, apparent shift, ray optics, apparent-shift_concepton certain other conditions.

Let us discuss the case when the object is in denser medium and observer in rarer medium.

When the ray of light moves from object towards an observer, it has to move denser medium to rarer medium. Therefore moves away from normal. As a result value of the angle of refraction is more than the angle of incidence. In this case , an object appears nearer to the surface when seen by the observer. Real life example of this case can be observed in our daily life. For example

when a coin is placed in the glass full of water , it appears nearer than its actual place.

Now let us discuss the second case

In this, we are assuming the object in rarer medium and the observer in the denser medium. The object appears away from its actual position due to which apparent height is more than that of the real height. For example fish in the pond/ocean when seeing from water (denser medium) to the object that is in air (rarer medium), it appears to be far away as compare to is actual distance.

Thus we concluded that when the object is the denser medium, the image appears nearer to the surface and when the object is in rarer medium , the image appears away from the original position.

So this was all about Concept of Normal Shift and Apparent Shift in Ray optics. We will discuss more Hyperloop Technology Step by Step Guide Elon Musk in our next session. If you have any further information then you can share us by commenting in the comment box below. Stay tuned to us at EducationTimes.