Aerial Photography photos of drone | UAV pictures


Aerial Photography: Drone are said to be the future of the world. Drones are the UAV’s i.e. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, vehicle which can be controlled from the ground without any pilot on the vehicle. Done have many advantages and application like surveillance, aerial photography, videography, agriculture, defense and many more. Drones or UAV are multi rotors which can have varying rotors to give it a flight.

Aerial Photography photos of drone

Drone as we discussed are mostly used in doing the aerial photography i.e photography from the air. Many people uses the nano drone for the selfie purposes and also for making videos from the sky. Today cinemas are using the drones for getting the video from all the angles. A drone can be of varies sizes, it can be small, medium or large. Small drones are used in Aerial photography, Videography, surveillance, rail track monitoring and many more. Medium and large size drones are mostly used in agriculture and defense purposes.

Many companies of World are exploring drone technology so as to make it smart and intelligent.

There are many companies in various parts of the world.

UAV Pictures

Aerial Photography photos of drone, UAV picturesAerial Photography photos of drone, UAV pictures





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For making these UAV Picture clear, free from vibration and blurring it need much autonomous features. Like it has to be stable in the air with respect to PID Algorithms. It also uses a good quality camera with a Gimbal attached to it. Gimbal are attached to drone with the camera so as to keep the camera stable off the jerks produced by the air.

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